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My Local School

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My Local School is a website designed to provide school performance data for parents and others who may have an interest in particular schools and governors.

It has been developed through consultation with key partners.

The site aims to present information in a clear and simple format. The data is displayed by school. This is to allow the viewer access to a wealth of information from a range of sources about a particular school.

The site presents many of the outputs of the education system such as examination performance, but also some of the inputs such as finance. It also allows instant access to the most recent Estyn report for your school.

Performance of a school can be affected by many factors. One of the key relationships is between results and poverty. There are a number of ways to identify social deprivation, but the most widely accepted is by using Free School Meals (FSM) data. Broadly speaking when the levels of pupils with FSM rise the levels of performance fall although this is not a definitive relationship and some schools consistently outperform others with similar or lower levels of FSM.

It should be noted that at a school, level performance can vary a lot year on year depending on the size and make-up of the particular cohorts. Therefore, year on year trends should be used with caution.

For more information, visit the My Local School website.