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Organisation explained

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The Cabinet is the main decision-making body of the Welsh Government.
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Wales has its own government, making policies and laws for our country.

Headed by the First Minister of Wales, the Welsh Government is responsible for areas such as health, education, language and culture and public services.

The Welsh Government is separate from the British Government, which retains responsibility for UK-wide areas such as tax, defence, foreign policy and benefits. Wales’ voice in the UK Government is represented by the Secretary of State for Wales in the Wales Office (external link).

What we do

The Welsh Government is elected by the people of Wales to carry out a programme of government. This involves making decisions and ensuring delivery on the areas devolved to us (as set out in Schedule 7 of the Government of Wales Act 2006).

We do this by:

  • developing and implementing policies
  • setting up and directing delivery and governance in these key areas, such as local government and the NHS in Wales
  • proposing Welsh laws (Assembly Bills) and making subordinate legislation (e.g. regulations and statutory guidance).

We also directly fund Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies.

Who we are

The First Minister of Wales heads the Welsh Government. Together with Welsh Ministers and the Counsel General they form the Cabinet.

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